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Jardins Chromatiques opens in Amiens


jardins chromatiques

jardins chromatiques ‘isle aux fagots’ ‘

smoking key2

jardins chromatiques ‘port du fumier’



smoking key

jardins chromatiques – port du fumier


Pankhurst Mosaic

'panky mosaic'

‘panky mosaic’

Just completed the central mosaic for the main square of Southern Housing’s latest development in the East of Brighton. Collaborating with Jane Fordham the mosaic is  3 metres in diameter and a black, white and grey abstract design. Surrounding the mosaic are 8 re-claimed Victorian Lampposts fitted with colour changing LED’s- the residents will be able to control the colours of the lights via an app downloadable to their smart phones. The changing lights will also illuminate the  mosaic and its neutral tones will be chromatically altered by the coloured lights.



Jane grouting

Jardins Chromatiques


Amiens Medieval Cathedral in miniature on top of a new office block

I have another project in Amiens again this year – This time to work specifically with the Hortillonage or floating gardens – I and the other selected artists and Garden designers (French and English) all met up a few weekends ago – where we discussed our projects and visited the sites. There are some really interesting projects being developed.

I will continue with the colour Library , first exhibited at Fabrica – this will be the first time it has been done in  another language and will be done using a series of enamel colour swatches installed onto wooden sculptures  (otherwise known as posts) and based on the colour in and around the gardens. It will also be the first time where the public will be able to interact with the project using smart phones and social media.

Hortillonage or Floating Gardens of Amiens - one of the Seventh wonders of the World

Hortillonage or Floating Gardens of Amiens –

Colour Library and Wittgenstein in Florence

Colour Library - Florence University

Colour Library – Florence University September 2013

A meeting between The Colour Group of Great Britain and the Italian equivalent -Gruppo del Colori was held at Florence University last week – This was the first ever collaborative meeting.    I spoke about the  Colour Library and how it started with my first Fabrica residency and how it developed into the Portland Colour Chart  http://www.portlandcolourchart.co.uk/. I went onto speak about how language effects our perception of the world and how through  the investigation and results of these two projects  the colour terminology people are using today is being strongly influenced by paint industry names. I concluded that this ‘consumeristic’ language could be having a detrimental effect  on how we perceive colour and colours  and hence the world around us.

Over 40 people gave papers over  two packed days  on really diverse subjects – one  example being:

‘White can be transparent : Why Wittgenstein was wrong’

wittgenstein was wrong

wittgenstein was wrong



50 blues



Last Saturday, I painted out 50 blues onto 50 panels in Fabrica. I painted the most expensive pigment (lapis Lazuli £200 for 10 g)  to the cheapest Bic biro. Here they are all in all their glory and now exhibited in Fabrica. It was an interesting exercise, putting a Dulux colour next to a historic pigment. Some of them were very hard to paint out needing quite a few layers. The hardest was Egyptian blue a copper based pigment and the earliest used blue – it really clumped together  and was very coarse. Similarly but  not surprisingly Lapis was like painting with very fine sand, although darker than I had imagined  it has a depth and a gentle intensity that the other colours don’t have – Go and have a look – the names are not listed to keep you guessing but if you really want to know ask one of the volunteers they know the true identity of all !