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Jardins Chromatiques opens in Amiens


jardins chromatiques

jardins chromatiques ‘isle aux fagots’ ‘

smoking key2

jardins chromatiques ‘port du fumier’



smoking key

jardins chromatiques – port du fumier


Pankhurst Mosaic

'panky mosaic'

‘panky mosaic’

Just completed the central mosaic for the main square of Southern Housing’s latest development in the East of Brighton. Collaborating with Jane Fordham the mosaic is  3 metres in diameter and a black, white and grey abstract design. Surrounding the mosaic are 8 re-claimed Victorian Lampposts fitted with colour changing LED’s- the residents will be able to control the colours of the lights via an app downloadable to their smart phones. The changing lights will also illuminate the  mosaic and its neutral tones will be chromatically altered by the coloured lights.



Jane grouting

Blue tide lights up and running!

Hove seafront – opposite Hove Lagoon – I designed these lights to follow the heights of the Shoreham tides. The building is 7 m high which is the exact height of the highest tide in Shoreham –  It gives you a sense of the scale of our local tides.

You can see a time lapse thingy of it on the link below

Coincidently The ‘Blue Lagoon’ Pub is right opposite if you want to sit outside and have a beer and watch the light show, it does take a while though, so be prepared for a long evening of drinking.

low tide

low tide

mid tide

mid tide

high tide

high tide