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Jardins Chromatiques opens in Amiens


jardins chromatiques

jardins chromatiques ‘isle aux fagots’ ‘

smoking key2

jardins chromatiques ‘port du fumier’



smoking key

jardins chromatiques – port du fumier


Jardins Chromatiques


Amiens Medieval Cathedral in miniature on top of a new office block

I have another project in Amiens again this year – This time to work specifically with the Hortillonage or floating gardens – I and the other selected artists and Garden designers (French and English) all met up a few weekends ago – where we discussed our projects and visited the sites. There are some really interesting projects being developed.

I will continue with the colour Library , first exhibited at Fabrica – this will be the first time it has been done in  another language and will be done using a series of enamel colour swatches installed onto wooden sculptures  (otherwise known as posts) and based on the colour in and around the gardens. It will also be the first time where the public will be able to interact with the project using smart phones and social media.

Hortillonage or Floating Gardens of Amiens - one of the Seventh wonders of the World

Hortillonage or Floating Gardens of Amiens –