Woad Trip 2

June 18th – 21st – Amiens

Grande Salon - Musée du Picardie

Grande Salon – Musée de Picardie

Delivered and installed the week of the 18th  for the opening on June 20th. I have made 2 paintings on aluminium panel for the Grande Salon and a video piece based on the historic velvet samples that are in the Toscan velvet factory in Amiens.

The paintings have been hung at  either ends of the Gallery.

The Video was installed in the foyer and also on the ‘Ile Perdu’ on the Hortinollage or ‘floating gardens ‘ on the River Somme

Video installation -Musée du Picardie

Video installation -Musée de Picardie

The Musée du Picardie was built between 1855 and 1867, and was one of the first to built in the provinces. It houses a collection ranging from Roger van de Weyden  El Greco, Courbet and Picasso. The “louvre’ sized Grande Salon was added later (built on the central courtyard) to house the enormous paintings that were being produced later on the  Century.

Move over Camille Corot 

Although quite a challenge to exhibit in an enormous and very 19th century space like the Grande Salon – it was very interesting having the work mixed in with such monumental paintings.

'3018 Godiva' - Stig Evans 2013

‘3018 Godiva’ – Stig Evans 2013 – Acrylic and Pigment on panel -1200 mmx 1200mm

‘3018 Godiva’ is an Asteroid discovered in 1982 and is situated between Mars and Jupiter.

Pigment identification from paint cross sections (see Woad Trip 1) from a painting by Florence Weston (1868-42) in the Herbert Gallery  were used as the starting point for the two paintings. The painting by Florence Weston  is a copy after George Jones  ‘Lady Godiva’ (1834),  also in the Herbert Gallery collection. What intrigued me about the Godiva myth and the various copies and versions of paintings and stories is how the myth is perpetuated by these versions but  also changed and adapted (Peeping Tom came in 200 years after the original Godiva story). Paint analysis is intended for the Conservator/historian to understand better the artists technique (which it does) but it is also perhaps an attempt to get closer to a work, or  look for an element of truth in a painting  – but it doesn’t get closer at all… it just gets further away.

Florence Weston "Lady Godiva,1930.  after George Jones

(Left) Florence Weston ‘Lady Godiva’,1930. after George Jones . (Right) ‘Lady Godiva’ George Jones 1832

‘Velvet Video’

The ‘Velvet’ Video is an 8 minute piece using the swatches documented at The Toscan Factory, Amiens. The Video is being projected onto a specially produced ‘linen velvet’ screen by Toscan for the exhibition.  The swatches date back to the 1860’s and go right up until the 1960’s. They will be projected continually onto the velvet screen until September with the intention of altering the colour of the velvet screen in the area where colour swatches have been projected.

"Velvet' - Video still. Stig Evans 2013 - Video Projection , Velvet Screen.

“Velvet’ – Video still. Stig Evans 2013 – Video Projection , Velvet Screen.


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